I’m an integrated designer, illustrator and front-end developer living and working in Bristol.

The emphasis is on design and creativity. I studied art, design and animation and have an keen interest in illustration which I feel makes me a designer that can think outside of the restrictions of the web and create intriguing and engaging designs for print.

I have an ever expansive knowledge of branding, print design, website design and development. I also have experience with online marketing including the use of email campaigns, social media and SEO which I am always learning and absorbing as the technology evolves.

Front-end Developement





A few things that I know.

Web Design three stars
Branding two and a half stars
Typography two and a half stars
Illustration three stars
Graphic Design two and a half stars
UX Design two and a half stars
Social Media two and a half stars
SEO one and a half stars

Top Trump


A designer with a crafty side and a love for all things hand made.

tweet followers @emily_j_taylor 140
special powers pragmatism 88
weapon of choice mechanical pencil 76
key output form & function 61
arch nemesis perfectionism 11



Top 5 favourite things in the world
(other than what I do)

1. Cinema - mostly independent movies
2. Cycling - I enjoy a Sunday pootle
3. Street Art - beguiling and amazing
4. Steampunk - I love the style
5. Batman - he kicks bad guy ass, duh


If you are interested in hiring me please feel free to email me, emilyjtaylor@me.com or fill out the form below and I will be in touch as soon as I can.

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